AdChoice – Advertising Preferences

In order to show customized ads we think you’ll find interesting, 1757245 ONTARIO Ltd. may use information about you. You have the ability to opt out of these customized ads at any time. Please keep in mind if you opt out, you’ll still see ads, but they won’t be tailored to your interests.

How we bring these ads to you

What information we have

When you use a website or service provided by a member of the 1757245 ONTARIO Ltd corporate family of websites, or interact with our content in other ways, we have access to certain information, like the search terms you enter and the content on the pages you view. We may also have access to or can assume things like demographics (where you live, your age range, or gender) or financial preferences (such as whether you usually pay with credit cards or Paypal).

How we use the information

We use all of the pieces of information to help us figure out what you might be interested in seeing. This lets us tailor and improve your shopping experience – both on 1757245 ONTARIO Ltd. websites and anywhere else on the web.

Who we work with

We may work with other companies, like websites or ad networks to show customized ads to you. These partners may have access to some of the information we collect about you. We don’t share any of your personal information with our partners, and we have controls in place designed to keep them from identifying you. Read more about our policies on sharing information with other companies.

How you can control your information

In most cases, we’ll have your information because we need it to provide the services you’ve requested. But you can tell us not to share any of it with our ad partners or use it to customize the advertising we show you. Whenever you see the “About” or “Adchoice” link next to one of the ads we serve, click it to edit how the information is used. Remember, when you opt out, you ‘ll still see ads, but they won’t be tailored to your interests.