The State of the PRINTING INDUSTRY (North America) 2019
July 24, 2019

Employment in the printing industry in North America is expected to decline, but the need to replace workers who retire or leave the occupation will create job opportunities, especially for persons with contemporary up-to-date printing skills. Changing technology and new business models that make greater use of digital equipment and shorter-run print jobs is expected to slow the rate of decline and provide job opportunities in an evolving printing industry.

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Solid Social Media Use & Tips!
July 12, 2019

There are three major social media players.  Facebook (the social media leader) reports having well over two billion users, Instagram, has now cleared the one billion mark and Twitter delivers in excess of 335 million users.  Accordingly there’s little doubt that the majority of your clients are likely on at least one of these digital platforms. If they’re not, you can bet they soon will be given the realities of our technology driven world.  Having said that, here are three hot tips for building and maintaining social media dominance through and beyond 2019:

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