It’s alive! It’s alive! Print That Is!
August 14, 2019

Yes, like the monster in the movie Frankenstein, “Print” is very much alive, and alive in a global environment that is increasingly dependent upon technology, and that means an increasing number of businesses are, or will shortly, be jumping on the digital band wagon. 

Like Print’s cousins, Radio & Television broadcasting, there are folks out there that have been singing the mantra that they are dead, broadcasting stations and their networks continue to flourish as they too continue to function well in a digital environment.  

So… is Print dead?  The answer is a resounding, NO!  It’s very much Alive. The fact is, Print continues to evolve at a quick pace enabling it to work well with digital, not only as a complement but by enhancing it too.  So no matter what the Print soothsayers want or predict, print is going to be around for the long haul. Accordingly, Print will continue in place as an effective and important marketing tool for some time to come. Continue reading “It’s alive! It’s alive! Print That Is!”