July 12, 2019

There are three major social media players.  Facebook (the social media leader) reports having well over two billion users, Instagram, has now cleared the one billion mark and Twitter delivers in excess of 335 million users.  Accordingly there’s little doubt that the majority of your clients are likely on at least one of these digital platforms. If they’re not, you can bet they soon will be given the realities of our technology driven world.  Having said that, here are three hot tips for building and maintaining social media dominance through and beyond 2019:


Social Media Promotion!

There’s an old marketing expression that is as relevant today as it was years ago.  It is:  “A remarkable thing happens when you don’t advertise and promote.  Nothing!”  Today having a great social media profile and message means ”nothing” if your clients don’t know that your company and brand messaging are there.  So here’s a few things where you can do promote your business and messaging on social media:

  • Consider buying targeted advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Add them to your Business Cards, if you haven’t already
  • Include them in print materials such as brochures, flyers and posters
  • Add social media icons to your Website
  • Add social media icons to your Email Signatures
  • Refer to your social media in Publications, Radio and Television advertising.

If your social media is not already in place, start focusing “asap” on getting it there.  If already in place, focus on increasing your social media’s reach. So consider this… If your social media improved your revenue picture by 10% over the course of the next year, I’m betting your bottom line could be nicely enhanced.


Social Media (Once Activated) Runs 2 Ways!

I believe most people know what it’s like when people you’ve called and left messages for don’t return your telephone calls.  So, if your clients or site visitors are addressing your social media posts and you don’t respond, you’re essentially doing the same thing to them. What distinguishes social media from the other forms of advertising and promotion is the fact that you can communicate back.  All of the other more traditional forms of adverting and promotion (Radio, TV, Print Advertising, etc) don’t have the ability to provide 2-Way conversations, but social media can and does. So if you’re not taking advantage of this 2-Way communication, you should be. Take the opportunity to efficiently and effectively communicate with your clients and site visitors via your social media.  It works!


Be Active!

Being active (pro-active yet) with social media is a key way to staying ahead of the competition.  There are some “experts” that will tell you that “your businesses should be posting over ten times per day”, but in the final analysis, that’s really way too much. 

What works is being creative, making certain that your posts contain good quality, relevant and interesting content for your clients and other visitors.  BUT, whatever you do, don’t post simply for the sake of posting. And now, why not share with us and our website visitors, your thoughts on social media use?

One final thought…  Should you require assistance related to achieving some specific print and/or promotional goals, give us a call or drop us a line to our printing division.  By collaborating together we may be able to help you develop some new, fresh Print ideas. Email us at  or call 1.416.556.8856.


Happy Posting!

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